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Mortgage Checklist 2023

For the Canadian Mortgage Market

This Mortgage Checklist is a guide to inform what you’ll need to complete your mortgage application in 2023

  • Step 1

    Personal Information

    - Full Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Marital status
    - Number of dependents
    - Current address and phone number
    - Your addresses for the past 3 years
    - Social Insurance Number

  • Step 2

    Employment History

    - Past three years of employment in detailed information
    - Letter of Employment and recent pay stubs (T4 may be required)
    - If self-employed, two years of Notice of Assessments and 3 years of income tax returns
    - Written explanation of any gap in employment
    - Records of dividends and interest received

  • Step 3

    New Property

    - Copy of the signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale
    - Copy of MLS Listing (if purchased through a Realtor)
    - Address of new house and complete description of the property
    - Contact information to obtain access to the house
    - If it's a new construction, plans and specifications
    - Name, address, phone and fax number of your Lawyer

  • Step 4


    - Complete information on all bank accounts
    - Bank statements for the past three months
    - Confirmation that the down payment came from within your own resources
    - Current value of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments
    - Current value of any RRSP’s
    - Value of life insurance (CSV)
    - Information on your cars, how much you owe or its current value
    - Information on real estate you own
    - Value of significant personal property
    - If any financial gift is provided by immediate family member(s), please keep record

  • Step 5


    - Itemized list of all debts, including loans, credit cards and other bills
    - Written explanation of any past credit problems
    - Full details of bankruptcy during the past seven years, if applicable

Keep in mind that if you are applying with a spouse, partner, or co-signer – the  lender will need a personal background, financial and employment information on everyone involved.  If it’s a purchase, the parties that will own the property.  If it’s a refinance or a transfer/switch of a mortgage to another lender, then everyone who is on the Title/Deed of property.