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Special Offers

Get Rewarded For Your Mortgage

Cash Back Programs

You could get up to 3% cash back of your mortgage amount, if you need to replenish your resources after a purchase where you used all your savings for the down payment and closing costs, or to cover the discharge penalty if you are refinancing. But going for the cash-back offer comes at a cost in the interest rate you will receive. Typically, the 3% cash-back is offered when taking the 5 year term at posted rates rather than discounted rates, so the rate differential could be 1.75% per year over 5 years. Some lenders offer a combination of a lower cash-back amount and a reduced rate, so a borrower can select the best one suited to them. We recommend them only if absolutely necessary, as the benefit of the best discounted rate far outweigh the cash-back amount.

Your Homefund mortgage professional will present the various cash-back options available to you, and answer any questions you may have.

Free Home Warranty

Get a Free Home Warranty for 1 year that pays for up to $10,000 of parts and labour for any major mechanical and electrical system repairs (furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, electrical, etc). This is a $250 value, absolutely free. When you purchase a new home, you have coverage from the builder and the manufacturers, but when you are purchasing a resale home, you are all alone. This is a great feature, and it’s absolutely free. Certain conditions apply.

Interest Rate Discounts

When choosing a mortgage, you should always compare more than the rates. But, they are certainly on the top of the list. Depending what term you choose, if you act now you could get anywhere from 0.50% to 1.75% off the current mortgage rates.

The amount of rate discount can vary due to the cost of funds. That’s why it’s so important to work with a mortgage broker, rather than going it alone directly with one lender. We have many lenders on our network and are updated daily on the best rates available. Because what was the best rate today doesn’t mean it would have been the best rate you could have had for your closing.

Save Money with Title Insurance

In some cases a new survey may be required or one is just not available. To get a new one, you are looking at a cost between $800 – 1200. In lieu of a survey, many lenders will accept and require title insurance. The approximate cost of title insurance ranges from $250-400, and it offers protection to both lender and borrower against a number of potential problems, such as title defects, fraud, etc.

But, many lawyers still recommend in requesting a survey from the seller through the real estate offer whenever possible, as there are some limiting conditions in the title insurance policies, and one should be aware of these when purchasing.

Not All Promos Are Made Equal

Contact Us Today and Make The Right Choice

There are many promotions, some old, some new, and some yet to be delivered, brought out to attract the public at large. Now, some are genuinely good and helpful if used for the right reason but be wary of these in general. Do the math or consult with a mortgage professional at Homefund to help you sort through the maze. In general, a pretty generous discount arranged through a Homefund mortgage professional will save you more than the above on similar mortgage term.

We can offer you whatever is available but isn’t it comforting to know that a suggestion will be made by your Homefund mortgage professional as to which one will save you more.