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Last update: January 2, 2019
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Transfer/Switch Your Mortgage – For Free

One of the unfortunate, lost opportunities that many people pass up is getting a rate guarantee before their mortgage matures. They simply rely on their existing lender to look after them. Well, guess what, your lender is looking out for themselves. When 85% of mortgage holders will renew with the same lender, they very much have a captive audience. That’s probably why most lenders will wait until 30 days or less to send out the renewal agreement with their rate offerings.

At Homefund, we can guarantee your rates up to 120 days (4 months) before your mortgage comes due, and this service is free and with no obligations. Why take unnecessary chances with your hard earned money. You know by now how volatile rates are in Canada. Just this protection alone could and has saved thousands of dollars for our clients. Let’ get it working for you, too. When you become our client, you will receive constant updates to the market, but also mailed and emailed reminder for key dates that will offer you the greatest protection.

When your mortgage is about to mature, it’s a great opportunity to make sure that you’ve got the right mortgage for your present needs. Since the mortgage is fully open at this time, this is the perfect opportunity to pay down your mortgage. Whatever you can afford, even a small amount, will have a significant impact in terms of interest you will save over the life of the mortgage. It is also a great opportunity at this time to consider a more frequent payment method, such as bi-weekly or weekly, if you are not already doing it. And of course, choosing the new term is important. Refer to the “Tips” section about advice on choosing the right term, or consult with one of our mortgage specialists at Homefund.

Another step you can take to save thousands of dollars in interest is if, at renewal, the rates are lower than the rate you just had, and you are comfortable with making those payments, keep the payments the same at the lower rate and start planning for the mortgage-burning party.

We would be pleased to get in touch with you by telephone or e-mail at 120 days before your mortgage is due. We’ll get you a rate protected at no cost or obligation. It could be the call that saved you a lot of money on your mortgage.

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