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Why Choose Homefund

The Benefits Of A Mortgage Broker

We save Canadians thousands of dollars

The Mortgage Brokers at Homefund can provide you with the right knowladge that will save you thousands of dollars when you are buying or refinancing your home.

We provide more mortgage options

Choosing a mortgage program that suites your specific needs is challenging. There are literally hundreds of different lenders in Canada; from banks and trust companies, to insurance companies, etc. They are continuously inventing new mortgage programs to capture your attention. Homefund has access to the best mortgage offers and provides options to homebuyers. Having multiple mortgage options reduces stress, and makes the financing a home easier.

We work for you, for free!

Your local bank mortgage advisor works for the lender and has a few mortgage products. They can only advise what their bank offers, and have limited knowledge to what is available for homebuyers. The mortgage specialists at Homefund have access to hundreds of mortgage products. We are on top of the market and we are constantly updated on any interest rate changes. Plus, a mortgage broker works for the client, not the lender. Our service is 100% free for you. We earn our fees from the lender you choose. So why settle, you deserve better!

We are 100% commited to you

Everyone at Homefund is 100% committed to serving your every need. Unlike other mortgage brokers, at Homefund you speak directlly with mortgage specialists not salespeople. Our business is built from referrals and we are growing only because we provide superior service and results. Contact us today for a free consultation. Get informed and fund your dream home.

Simple Mortgage Process

As your personal mortgage professionals, we’ll guide you every step of the way with unbiased advice for arranging your mortgage to your advantage.

Step 1.

Get pre-approved by completing our ONLINE FORM or call us at 1-888-588-6666 to speak to a Homefund Mortgage Specialist

Step 2.

Once we have received your application, a mortgage specialists will begin the processing and will contact you if there are any questions. Because we work with the biggest Canadian Mortgage Lenders through their mortgage centres the process is very quick.

Step 3.

Usually, we can obtain approvals the same day and we’ll notify you immediately. We’ll let you know if there is any other paperwork that needs to be submitted to ensure a successful, hassle-free, closing.

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