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Last update: November 12, 2018
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Compliance and Security


Our goal is to make sure that your information is both transmitted and stored securely. We’ve researched several systems and have chosen a sophisticated system that meets or exceeds the current state of the art standards. But no security system is 100% guaranteed, so we will continue to evaluate technology as it develops and you can feel confident that we will implement any improvements as they become feasible.


All pages that request personal information are delivered to your browser through HTTPS, a secure server communications layer. You can check this encryption by checking for the key (Netscape) or lock (Internet Explorer) icon on the browser. If you have the security feature of your browser turned on, a dialog box notifying you that you are entering a secure page will pop up when the page loads. Your Information Is Encrypted Your data is run through a software program that encrypts the data before it gets sent to us over the Internet. It takes whatever you give it, say, your annual salary, and turns it into a meaningless jumble of letters, numbers and symbols so that even if someone somehow intercepts your information, they can’t piece it back together into anything understandable. But on our end, we have the key to reconstitute the data stream into your salary.

We will never share your confidential personal information with anyone except the people and organizations you want us to, and you can review, edit or even delete your data at any time.

The reason we request so many details is to give you better information and advice. Your information is incredibly important to you, and we work to maintain professional standards of confidentiality. As a mortgage brokerage experienced in helping our customers through this major transaction, we are also very clear on how uncomfortable people can be about sharing this kind of data, and so we have developed guidelines on how we use the information gathered by our website.

How It Works

Your Loan Application Data requires more information and documentation and verification than just about anything else you will ever do.

We know that you provide this information for the sole purpose of getting a mortgage, and we treat this information as sacrosanct.

We will only disclose any or all of this information to the service providers required to get a loan, or close escrow, for the purchase of your home.

Personal Details and Contact Info

We use this data to tailor our advice or information for you. We try to provide a more efficient and understandable experience on the site, and that means it helps to know whether you are currently a renter who’s trying to figure out how much of a down payment you need to save, or an owner looking for the cheapest refinance deal.

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